About Us

We are a small indedendant laboratory specialising in the supply of premium quality American manufactured Dimethyl Sulfoxide ( DMSO ) and related products.

 Our return policy:
 You can return any product to the address at the bottom of this page within 14 days from receipt  and we will refund your money in full. 

The DMSO we use and supply is the best currently available in the UK.

It is American synthesis grade with a guaranteed purity above 99.98%. Our current batch has a certificate of analysis ( see below ) with a purity of 99.99%

Synthesis grade DMSO is made to exacting standards and is primarily used in the manufacture of medicines.

Synthesis Grade Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Analytical test                                             Specification                              Actual Result

Assay, % minimum by GLC                             99.98                                            99.99

Water, % maximum by KF                                0.03                                             0.008

Total organic impurities, %                               0.02                                            0.002

maximum  by GLC

Titratable acid, meq/g maximum                 0.001                                            0.0002 

APHA color maximum                                       10                                                     5

Residue after evaporation, %                           0.01                                           <0.001

UV absorbance

      @ 275 nm                                                      0.3                                              0.10

      @ 285 nm                                                      0.2                                               0.04

      @ 295 nm                                                      0.2                                               0.03

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